Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The simple things... LIVE music

There are days when I'm feeling on top of the world = me + warm sunny day outdoors + good company + wonderfully refreshing beverage or deliciously scrumptious chocolatey dessert.  :)

And days when that one lonely raincloud in the entire sky has decided to choose this one day to follow me and my misery around.  It happens.  BUT, in all attempts not to let it rain on my parade, I've decided to pay homage to those simple things in life... days of good vibes and fun memories in the simplest of forms... and so it begins..

Monday, October 26
Enjoying a wonderful evening of live music, even if (or especially because) it's on a Monday night
Radars to the Sky at Spaceland

I LOVE this band!  The lead guitarist's rock-out shuffle-dance, and the keyboardist's on-going so-happy smile are the best.  (You really have to see them live to know and appreciate what I'm talking about).   I've only had the pleasure of enjoying their incredible music on two occasions, but they are fantastic!  It's really an amazing thing when a band whose music you're not too familiar with, really gets your energy going and dancing to the beat.  I look forward to your next energetically charged show, Radars to the Sky!

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