Monday, October 18, 2010

And so it begins...

Hello friends and welcome to el blog de Momolicious, the brand-spanking NEW blog for momolicious expression of all things artistic, noteworthy, and just plain randomness for the sole purpose of entertainment.

September had been my month of creative awakening, and a nose-dive right into painting, cutting, re-painting, and pasting into the wee hours of the night--all for one whirlwind of a night at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach.  Here are just a few photos:

the venue: Hotel Maya, Long Beach, California

the artwork: paintings by yours truly...
  and several other AMAZING visual artists, musicians, fashionistas 
Artist: Ronnie Ray Mendez
Artist: Michelle Chan
Band: Buttonwillow Locomotive
Fashion designer: Alexis Evelyn

Sirena Serpentina

What a truly amazing night!  So what has October had in store?  Already many an adventure... soon to come new posts... and the countdown to AIWB: art show #2 in November.  Get ready folks, we've only just begun.

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