Friday, November 12, 2010

Crochet Obsession

Good-bye half-summer of 2010, hello autumn and my yearly crochet obsession!  As much as I adore the summer and its warm fun in the sun, there's a special place in my heart for this time of year.  Here comes the chilly air of the upcoming holiday season,  cozy nights on the couch under fuzzy fleece blankets with my mug of Bailey's and hot chocolate to warm the soul... and, of course, crochet!!  Hooray!  :)

Yes, as my boyfriend affectionately (I hope...) calls me, I am a nerd... but a very crafty one.  And this year, with my artistic ambition burning bright, I have decided to share my love for crochet with all of you.

Here is project #1... Peanut the Jellyfish

Ok, it's not the best photo, but who has time to take a decent photo when there are critters to be crocheted?  Anywho, I have been a little rusty, and with Peanut here, I'm just getting warmed up.  Get ready for some fun and possibly delicious-looking crochet creations coming your way very soon!